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Dental Services in Edmonton

We understand that seeing dentists in Edmonton can be difficult. Because so many people have been traumatized by bad experiences, we know that your dental services are not something that should be taken lightly. From start to finish, our office is focused on providing you with your best smile and an experience that will make you question your anxiety about dentists.

We work hard to make sure that every patient has this experience, and our secret is protecting you from the chair. Often cosmetic dentists leave you waiting in the chair, or make you feel like you are just another patient between them and the end of the day. Not making you wait, while not rushing through any of our procedures, is the secret to why our patients in Edmonton love our dental services and call us their favourite pediatric dental team in Mill Woods.

As a service to you, we are on top of insurance requirements, preauthorizations, and can tell you exactly what to expect, both financially and procedurally, and we offer a wide range of services for any of your needs.

Smile Assessment

Your first examination, and every checkup after, is geared toward making sure you understand what is going on. We explain your results, what needs to be done, what you are doing well, and how our cosmetic dentist can improve the parts of your smile that you are unhappy with.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Improving your smile is so much more than dentistry. Our cosmetic patients tell us how much their procedure changed their lives, helped them with their self-confidence, got them smiling more, gave them what they needed to get the interview or go on the date.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry is aimed at making you feel better, reduce pain, and get rid of diseases which may be plaguing your mouth. From gum disease to cavities, our experienced staff can handle it all!

Pediatric Dentistry

We know how important it is for your kids not to be afraid of the dentist, and we firmly believe that fear can be diminished with pediatric dentists that really knows what to do. Experienced, friendly and understanding, see why so many parents in Alberta are trusting Wibrowski Family Dentistry for their kids.

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