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Get a Customized Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry in Edmonton

Everyone loves a great smile - and why not? After all, first impressions last a long time. If you are aware that you have teeth that are discoloured, misaligned, missing or otherwise damaged, chances are that you will not feel too confident about yourself. Well, you do not have to worry about dealing with an unattractive smile anymore. With Wibrowski Family Dentistry’s expert cosmetic dentistry services in Edmonton, you can flash that gorgeous smile. Get in touch with us at Wibrowski Family Dentistry today to have your teeth corrected and make them more visually aesthetically pleasing.

Our Cosmetic Dental Services

Dental issues not only are a cause for embarrassment and low self-confidence but can also prevent you from seizing special opportunities - especially if you are looking for a career in modelling or television. Our veneer, teeth-whitening and bonding services can help you go out there and seize the opportunities waiting for you. Take a look at our cosmetic dental services:

dental veneer about to be placed


Veneers are great for hiding flaws in your teeth. If a dental cleaning or restoration is not a viable solution, you can go for veneer instead. A veneer involves applying a layer of porcelain on your teeth in a shade that matches the rest of your teeth, effectively camouflaging your dental flaws. Think about it as mask bonded to the front of your teeth.

person getting dental treatment


Bonding is a process of applying a resin on to your teeth. It can be used to quickly repair - in just one sitting - teeth that have been damaged due to fracture or chipping. The resin applied will be of the same colour as the rest of your teeth so it can remain undetectable. You can use bonding even to shape your teeth better or colour it with a more appropriate shade - and if there is not much tooth reduction required, you can simply go for composite bonding.

before and after teeth whitening procedure


One of the most common dental issues out there, tooth-discolourations can be caused due to a lot of reasons - smoking, illnesses, strong beverages such as coffee and even medication - although poor oral hygiene still is the most popular cause. Stains, discolourations, spots, etc. can become harder to correct with time and must be addressed at the earliest with whitening services. Our professionals can help advise you on whether or not whitening is a viable option for you.

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Thinking of Getting Braces?

Instead, opt for Invisalign as its convenience, flexibility, and discreteness is unmatched.

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