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Comfortable and Reliable General Dental Services in Edmonton

Everyone needs a good family dentist - after all, wouldn’t it be great to go to a dentist who you know well and who knows your family well too? A general dentist will not only cure and alleviate your dental pains but also help prevent you from developing dental issues. At Wibrowski Family Dentistry, we provide complete dental care for you and your family, based on the latest advancements in dental care. Our goal is to make sure that you have a remarkable and comfortable experience while you are with us, apart from leveraging the benefits of our top-notch services.

Take a Look at Our General Dental Services

Our skilled professionals will not just help get rid of your dental issues for you, but will also help detect dental problems in the early stage so that you can avoid the pain and discomfort of major dental issues. Get in touch with us today for general dental services in Edmonton.

Our general dental services in Edmonton include:

reflection of teeth in a dental mirror

General dental examination

We believe that every tooth matters. With a general dental examination, we try to figure out if there are any dental issues lurking in your teeth or gums. We check for tooth-sensitivity, enamel-density, cavities and so on - anything that can be an indicator of dental health and causal factors for sensitivity. Besides, regular dental services can also help you if you have had prior dental treatments to know if your dental crowns, fillings, bridges, etc. are in good shape.

a girl touching her jaw

Correcting bites

Poorly aligned teeth or jaws can lead to serious problems such as overbite, crossbite or underbite. These issues can really damage and corrode your teeth during even simple activities such as biting or chewing. If you are suffering from such an issue, you don’t have to worry. We can help you with the right kind of correction options to help correct your bite.

dentist cleaning a patients teeth

Dental cleaning

Proper dental cleaning by professionals can help prevent the need for expensive dental treatments. Although a dental cleaning is ideally advised to be performed every six months, you would probably need to go for one more frequently if you have a condition where tartar builds up too quickly or if you have type II Diabetes.

doctor looking at a patients teeth X-ray


X-Ray technology has advanced to the extent that today, accurate images of your teeth and mouth can be captured even at very low radiation levels. These X-Ray images easily detect dental problems and are recommended to be done at least once a year. The best judge of how frequently you should get a dental X-Ray is your dentist, who will take your history and existing dental conditions into consideration.

a woman receiving dental treatment

Preventive dentistry

We have seen that dental issues can directly be linked to poor dental hygienes and/or lifestyle and dietary choices. At Wibrowski Family Dentistry, we advise our clients to adopt healthy practices to prevent dental issues such as decay, plaque, cavities and even foul breath. Our professionals are available for a one-on-one consultation to help you make the right dietary and lifestyle choices and develop better dental routines.

a person holding dentures


This is a non-invasive option for when you have one or even all teeth missing. Dentures can also help fill gaps in between teeth and can be removed when not required. If all teeth are missing, you will need a complete denture. On the other hand, if most of your teeth are healthy and a few have to be replaced, you can opt for a partial denture.

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Enjoy Good Oral Health Again

Today’s advanced dental treatments and materials can give you a healthier, more complete smile that can last you a lifetime.

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